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Children & Family

Investment in early childhood has lifelong yields
Nicole Cardinal – ABC’s The Drum
As adults, we often forget that we were once children.
My mother likes to recount the story of the agony and distress I experienced as a child accompanying her to drop my older brother off at preschool.
With tears streaming down my two-year-old face and a forlorn look of devastation and despair that only toddlers are capable of, I was distraught at the fact that I was considered too little to paint, play and participate in preschool activities.

Advocate backtracks on child protection
Noel Towell – CanberraTimes
The ACT’s Public Advocate has backed away from comments that there may be ”many more” unreported cases of systemic deficiencies and practice failures in the territory’s child protection system.
The Canberra Times reported yesterday that advocate Anita Phillips had made the comments in response to the case of a baby boy, born two-months premature, who was taken from the hospital into care, allegedly against medical advice. In a letter to the baby’s family, Ms Phillips expressed concerned there could be ”more cases of systemic deficiencies and practice failures than I dare to think”.

Should only people we like be paid for their stories?
Tory Maguire- ThePunch
We’re a bit squiffy about media outlets paying for stories in this country. Unlike in the UK, where any single mum with a third nipple can get a pay cheque from a newspaper, here we like our paid media appearances to be reserved for heroes or, at least, worthy folk.
No one begrudged the huge sums paid to Brant Webb and Todd Russell, who spent two weeks trapped down the Beaconsfield mine. They’d earned one of the biggest media cheques ever.

Drugs & Alcohol
Young Aussies drink enough to be experts
If young people devoted as much time to their professions as they did to drinking, they would be leaders in their fields, a lobby group says.
Hello Sunday Morning says 18 to 28-year-olds who drink twice a week will spend approximately 10,000 hours drinking over that period

Garrett maps criteria for teacher reviews
Milanda Rout The Australian
EVERY Australian teacher will be able to use student results, parent feedback and classroom observation to prove their performance in annual reviews, under a Gillard government proposal.

Odds again in Wilkie’s favour on pokies reform
Tom Cummings – ABC’s The Drum
As poker machine reform roars back onto the national agenda, an unexpected solution gathers momentum.
When Harry Jenkins resigned from his position as speaker of the House of Representatives five months ago, the chorus of voices predicting the death of poker machine reform was deafening.

Media’s old master playing politics in Australia?
Jonathan Holmes – ABC’s
When the phone-hacking scandal finally made it big in the UK, with The Guardian’s discovery that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked, Julia Gillard famously (or notoriously) opined that News Ltd in Australia had “some questions to answer”.
The remark was greeted with outrage by John Hartigan, then News Ltd’s Chairman and CEO, and his editors. There was no proof, no suggestion, that such methods had been used by any News Ltd newspaper in Australia, they thundered. It was a slur on the professional reputation of every one of the thousands of upstanding journalists who worked for News Ltd. And so on.

Fear and loathing: the rise of the far right
David Donaldson – ABC’s The Drum
It’s been a big few days for Europe’s far right.
Marine Le Pen’s relative success in Sunday’s first round of voting for the French president came as a surprise for many. The new leader of the Front National – France’s far-right, anti-immigration party – managed to garner around 18 per cent of the vote, making this the highest vote ever for the party.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking
Politics puts sex worker safety under threat
Elena Jeffreys – ABC’s The Drum
Adele Carles is no friend of the HIV sector, no friend of STI prevention, and her $5.5 million sex worker ‘rescue’ centre is going to cost the WA Liberals, and any future government, that friendship as well.
What will it cost sex workers? Our ability to protect ourselves. Our health. And our dignity.