2) Abortion

The Law Reform Commission (LRC) is currently considering abortion laws in Queensland and is expected to report in the second half of 2018. 


a) Does your party propose to change current abortion laws in Queensland and, if so, how? Could you please outline your party’s policy on abortion?

b) Will you adhere to this policy for the entire 56th parliament?

c) Will your party commit to voting against the introduction of legislation that reduces protections for the unborn within the next parliament?

d)Will your party commit to an inquiry into why babies that are currently born alive are not given medical assistance to stay alive?

Party Answer

Earlier this year, the Queensland Parliament was due to debate two abortion bills that were introduced by the Member for Cairns Rob Pyne and were being strongly pushed by Labor’s Deputy Premier Jackie Trad.

The LNP made a public commitment to oppose both of these Bills after allowing Members a conscience vote.

The bills were then withdrawn from the Queensland Parliament and referred to the Queensland Law Reform Commission for further advice and analysis.

The first Bill left the entire area of abortion unregulated and this was clearly untenable.

The second Bill attempted to correct the failures of the first Bill but fell short. It created further risk and uncertainty as shown in the Parliamentary Committee report.

In fact, the second Bill sought to make it legal for a woman to secure her own abortion without medical supervision – including by the use if illicitly obtained drugs.

The second Bill also created additional legal uncertainty and an ongoing legislative conflict between the Criminal Code and the Health Act.

It is the long-held position of the LNP that the current abortion laws are sufficient and do not need to be changed.

One Nation Still awaiting response.
Queensland Labor

Still awaiting response.

From ALP party platform -

Labor has prioritised reproductive justice for Queenslanders by referring the issue of modernising Queensland’s laws relating to termination of pregnancy to the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

Labor believes that all people should be free to make their own reproductive and sexual health choices for their own bodies.

Labor will actively pursue the decriminalisation of termination of pregnancy in Queensland and will amend the law so that all legal distinctions between termination of pregnancy and other medical procedures are abolished by repealing sections 224, 225 and 226 of the

Criminal Code Act 1899 (Qld) within the next term of government.

The Greens QLD

Still awaiting response

From Greens party platform - 

Greens would Enact legislation that makes termination of pregnancy through appropriate surgical or pharmaceutical procedures a safe and legal choice for women, including by:

a) Repealing all provisions of the Queensland Criminal Code and other sanctions regarding termination from Queensland legislation, including sections 224, 225 and 226 of the Queensland Criminal Code 1899.

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