3) Euthanasia

Various state governments have debated the introduction of laws to allow assisted suicide or euthanasia. 


a)Will your party commit to ensuring that euthanasia is not legalised in Queensland?

b)Will your party commit to voting against the introduction of legislation concerning euthanasia or assisted suicide within the next parliament?

Party Answer

In Queensland, neither voluntary euthanasia nor assisted suicide is permitted. This is consistent with most other Governments around the world.

While doctors and nurses have the obligation to preserve life, where death is imminent and where curative or life-prolonging treatment appears to be futile, the ethical duty is to ensure that death occurs with dignity and comfort. The law, therefore, recognises that doctors are entitled to administer proper and necessary medical treatment to alleviate pain and suffering even if those measures also shorten life.

The law also permits a person who has the capacity to make decisions about health matters to refuse any medical treatment. Advance health directives permit a person’s wishes to prevail with respect to particular treatment even when the person no longer has the capacity to exercise their rights to refuse treatment.

The LNP will not be changing the current laws.

One Nation Still awaiting response
Queensland Labor

Still awaiting response

From ALP party platform -

Labor believes that voluntary euthanasia and assisted dying, in addition to comprehensive palliative care options, should be legally available as an option for a person of sound mind suffering from a terminal illness that has diminished their quality of life to the extent that the person requests termination of their life. Labor supports a conscience vote on the question of voluntary euthanasia and assisted dying consistent with the 1996 decision of the National Executive.

The Greens QLD

Still awaiting response

From The Greens QLD website -

The greens support the introduction of euthanasia legislation in Qld. Greens' plan to legalise access to voluntary euthanasia and will introduce a private members’ Bill to allow voluntary euthanasia in Queensland. 

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