7) Child safety – Foster system

There are currently 9000 children in foster care in Queensland. Recent figures show that there have been only 2 adoptions. 


a) What is your party’s policy with regard to foster care? Will your party commit to reform the Queensland foster care system and adoption procedures to provide permanency and stability for children in foster care?

Party Answer

There is no doubt that the child safety system is in crisis under Labor.

The Queensland Parliament passed new laws in this term to implement permanency care orders that provide stability for children in care. We will monitor the implementation of these laws to ensure they are operating in the best interests of the welfare of our vulnerable children.

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Queensland Labor

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From ALP party platform -

The Queensland Labor Government has delivered significant funding to reform child and family support services that assist parents and families with the right service at the right time, including:

- establishing a two-year trial to deliver universal parenting support programs for all Queensland parents

- the expansion and integration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family support and child protection services, including funding a peak body to plan and develop the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander controlled agencies to provide family services

- restoring vital frontline and frontline support child safety jobs

- increasing funding for intensive family support services

- committing funding for the establishment of 20 Family and Child Connect services across Queensland

- committing funding for the establishment of family wellbeing centres which will assist approximately 6 000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Queensland

- establishing the Empowering Families Innovation Fund – aimed at generating innovative, community led ideas for keeping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families together

- introducing amendments to the Adoption Act 2009 (Qld) which will enable same sex couples, singles and people undergoing fertility treatment to adopt.

The Greens QLD

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