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Give parents the right to say “no” to ‘Safe Schools’ gender theory

In 2018 the controversial, gender-bending, so-called “Safe Schools” program will become compulsory in Victorian public high schools.

“Safe Schools” is promoted as an anti-bullying campaign for LGBTI students but it has been widely criticized for the way the program and its related materials promote cross dressing, teach kids that their gender is ‘fluid’ and provide instruction in chest binding (so that girls can appear as boys). 

The Founder of the program has also stated ‘Safe Schools’ “is not about stopping bullying”

All children should feel safe at school.  No one should feel bullied.  But students and parents also have a right not to be forced to accept controversial material that teaches kids that gender is unimportant and ‘fluid’.

By making the program compulsory in state high schools, the premier is denying parents their right to have a say about their kid’s education.  Parents should have a right to say no to this material.

Sign the petition today and make a stand against the Victorian Government’s extreme plan to make the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program compulsory.