The Australian Christian Lobby was mentioned in the media in the last week in relation to the report it commissioned, For Kids’ Sake, written by Professor Patrick Parkinson from the University of Sydney, the news the Victorian parliament committee tabled its review of the state’s human rights charter and same-sex marriage. For a full listing, please see below.

For Kids’ Sake Coverage:

Weeks, K 2011 “Australian Report Shows Kids are Healthier, Wealthier...yet Worse Off” September 13, 2011  Family Research Council blog

Limkin, R 2011 “Why Marriage matters, in more ways than you think”  September 15, 2011 breadandjustice blog

Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities:

Farouque, F 2011 “Handle with care”  September 15, 2011 The Age

Same-sex marriage debate:

Tippet, G 2011 “State of Union”  September 11, 2011 The Sydney Morning Herald

ACL NSW Director David Hutt interviewed on 94.1 FM Coffs Harbour about SSM

Refugees: 2011 “Australian refugee solutions could work” September 13, 2011  The International News Magazine


Lyle Shelton spoke to UCB news on Monday 12 September about leadership opinion polls, the Kids’ Safe Report, Marriage Week and the National School Chaplaincy Program.