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Julia Gillard looks for climate change win after asylum seeker battering

Ms Gillard, who failed to get the backing of East Timor's Parliament to build an asylum seeker detention centre in the impoverished country, will take her climate plan to Cabinet within days.

Senior NSW Labor figures face annihilation

SECRET polling shows state Labor is facing a near wipe-out at the next election, with seven ministers and former Premier Nathan Rees among 28 MPs likely to lose their seats.

PM Julia Gillard retreats on Timor plan

JULIA Gillard has dramatically backtracked on her plan to build a refugee processing facility in East Timor. The Prime Minister's backdown came after the tiny nation's parliament formally condemned the idea as unworkable.

PM dares to win - or fall

JULIA Gillard is dancing an election jig atop a tightrope. Her bold pitch on boat people shows how much she is willing to dare for the sake of votes. It has also raised wider issues of what she stands for, the way she goes about things, and even whether she will be up to the job.