Media Release: Wednesday, 10 May, 2006

Jim Wallace, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, again called on the Stanhope government to recognise community concern in relation to the establishment of a same sex Civil Union which equates to marriage. 1,600 ACT residents signatures to a petition will be tabled in the Assembly tomorrow, opposing the Bill and requesting the ACT Government respect marriage and balance the various legal entitlements of same sex relationships via a registration system, which does not equate to marriage.

“The amended Civil Union Bill being tabled tomorrow will still equate to marriage and the ACT Chief Minister, Mr Stanhope, seems to want to provoke the Federal Government to step in and over-ride it for the sole purpose of making an ideological stand,” said Mr Wallace.

“Rodney Croome, a national gay rights advocate himself, says that a Tasmanian like registration scheme satisfies the demand for committed same sex couple recognition and the consequent legal entitlements, without mimicking marriage. The fact that the Stanhope Government is publicly defending the need for a Civil Union against the advice of the mainstream homosexual community only confirms that it is more about ideology.

Obviously, the agenda is to attack marriage and the Federal Government, and to use the homosexual community as a political tool to do this.”

Contact: Jim Wallace