1) Sex & Gender theory education

The controversial Safe Schools program introduces gender theory to school children as though it were fact. Tasmania and NSW have withdrawn Safe Schools and similar type programs but have had to exercise vigilance to ensure that gender theory is not included in the school curriculum under different names. 


a) Does your party have a policy on whether gender theory should be taught in schools and, if so, could you please state what that policy is?

b) Does your party commit to withdrawing the controversial Safe Schools program and other similar programs already being taught?

The Federal Labor party has stated its intention, if elected to government, is to provide federal funding to the Safe Schools program. In this event, will your party:

a) Refuse federal funding and maintain a commitment to keep gender theory programs out of the classroom? 

Party Answer
The Greens QLD

Still awaiting response

The Greens QLD website is clear that funding of Safe Schools gender theory program.  The co-founder of the program Roz Ward, having already stated the program is not about bullying.


The LNP is committed to providing better support for families as we Build a Better Queensland.

We have already committed that we will withdraw Safe Schools Coalition resources from Queensland schools.

Under the LNP’s plan to tackle bullying we will develop a new anti-bullying resource for Queensland schools developed in consultation with teachers, parents, educational experts and child psychologists and that is age appropriate.

Any form of bullying or anti-social behaviour should never be tolerated in our schools.

One Nation Still awaiting response
Queensland Labor

The Palaszczuk Government is committed to ensuring our state schools are safe and inclusive places to learn for all students. Regardless of a student’s gender, race, disability, appearance or sexual identity they are welcome in our state schools, without discrimination.

The Federal Government committed $8 million over three years to run the Safe Schools Coalition program. That funding is now finished Queensland state schools therefore no longer have a relationship with the Safe Schools Coalition program.

Queensland state schools will continue to provide support to LBNTIQ+ students. As needed, schools will engage organisations such as True Relationships and Reproductive Health to provide additional advice and support to schools.

The Department of Education does not mandate or endorse individual programs or initiatives. Principals, in consultation with parents and the school community are in the best position to make decisions about the most appropriate programs to meet the needs of their students.