Last week Northern Ireland joined a group of nations leading the world in prostitution policy.

Dubbed The Nordic Approach, the policy criminalises the purchase of sexual services, rather than their sale.

Norway, Iceland, Finland, France, Sweden, UK, Canada and now Northern Ireland have adopted these changes, which seem to be working. In Sweden, as a direct result of the changes, the European parliament has found that:

“[Because] traffickers have had problems finding enough sex buyers in Sweden, the demand has been much lower than expected”.

This is a major development, bringing hope for the end of sex slavery and human trafficking.

Lord Morrow, a peer in the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), was responsible for the Bill. He said that his Christian beliefs are central to his decision to fight for this issue.

Morrow believes that human trafficking is “a heinous crime” which ought to have no future in Northern Ireland.