How abortion affects fathers and families

Voices of the Unborn

Abortion’s impact on men is something experts are only beginning to explore, understand and address. Learn more about men and abortion on this page and find links to helpful resources and outreach projects, too. There is also more information about how to help or find help on our help and healing page for women and men, fathers or families considering or coercing abortion or suffering after abortion.

It’s up to young people to ‘end the scourge of abortion,’ says speaker
Nate Madden – Catholic News Service

On a chilly and cloudy morning on the National Mall in Washington D.C., crowds gathered on 22 January for the annual March for Life, this year marking the 42nd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalising abortion virtually on demand.

Ultra Tune’s racy pop-up ads tread sexist ground, say complainants

Smart Company

The advertising watchdog has dismissed a complaint against Ultra Tune, after the car service company was again accused of objectifying women. The latest complaints come after Ultra Tune was the subject of an online petition last year, which called for the company to withdraw an ad that featured two rubber-clad dominatrix-style women to promote its tyres.

Drugs & Alcohol
E-cig stigma: California declares vaping a public health risk
NBC News

E-cigarettes represent a rising public-health risk that threaten to unravel progress made on tobacco by “re-normalizing smoking behavior” and luring a new generation into nicotine addiction, California health officials said Wednesday.

Hope fading for Bali Nine pair
Sky News

A lawyer for Indonesian death row inmates Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan says their legal team won’t stop trying to get their sentences commuted, amid fears the pair could be executed soon. Sukumaran and Chan are among the prisoners Indonesia plans to execute next, making legal efforts to save them even more urgent.

Teaching trumps background

Kevin Donnelly – On Line Opinion

In The Australian (28 January, 2015) Justine Ferrari argues, “In Australia, family background is still the biggest determinant of student achievement, and that is primarily related to the money available to educate the child, at home and at school”. Non-government school critics like the Australian Education Union, when arguing that governments must increase funding to government schools (and cut back funding to Catholic and independent schools) also argue that home background is the main factor determining educational success or failure. Both are incorrect.

Mike Baird takes a punt on the lotteries with a new deal

Daily Telegraph

The Baird government has reached out to newsagents, ­offering up a deal to keep ­lottery ticket sales out of Coles and Woolworths for another three years.

Labor extends Ashgrove lead

Brisbane Times

The latest Seven News ReachTEL poll shows Kate Jones has increased her lead over Campbell Newman in the seat of Ashgrove.

LNP, Labor neck-and-neck in Qld
The Australian

The Liberal National Party is under increasing danger of suffering a defeat at the Queensland election on Saturday, according to the latest poll.

Shorten creating federal LGBTI portfolio could encourage new LGBTI MPs
Benjamin Riley – Sydney Star Observer

Bill Shorten introducing a federal ministerial portfolio for LGBTI equality could serve as aspirational encouragement for LGBTI people to enter politics, according to a leading community rights advocate.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking
Depraved dad pleads guilty to kidnap and rape of prostitutes

Herald Sun

A depraved father of five who forced one of his teenage sons to help him kidnap and rape prostitutes has pleaded guilty to more attacks. Truck driver Dennis William Newall, 56, recruited his 17-year-old son to help him abduct St Kilda street workers and take them to a Brooklyn truckyard, where he raped and humiliated them.

Religious Freedom & Persecution
Christian convert still in Iranian prison although his prison term is over

Mohabat News

A Christian convert who has been in prison for 17 months completed his prison term on January 13, 2015, but has not been released yet, as he waits for the judge to issue his release order.

Sexualisation of Society
50 things you should probably know about 50 Shades of Grey

Life Site News

Hopefully you’ve already decided by now that Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t worth your time, but since, as Christians, we’re called to engage the culture for Christ, it’ll be helpful for you to know a few things about it so that you can converse sensibly and convincingly with your friends and coworkers.

Former transsexual says surgeons too quick to operate

The Christian Institute

A man who underwent a sex change then had it reversed is warning that surgeons are too quick to operate in cases like his. Walt Heyer, 74, now advises people who want to have a sex change that their problem is psychological.

Dramatic video emerges of PNG women saved from witch-hunt murder
One News

An increase in witch-hunt murders in Papua New Guinea is putting pressure on their government to intervene – but it’s dangerous work. Now dramatic video has emerged of Papua New Guinea women saved from witch-hunt murders, with a rescue mission underway in the rugged highland province of Enga – where four women accused of black magic face execution.