Abortion’s shockwaves extend beyond the womb

Paul Strand – CBN News

Pro-life leaders gathered at the National Press Club just a few days before the Jan. 22 March for Life to announce that a special emphasis this year will be on the many and usually unpublicized ways abortion hurts. They pointed out abortion has certainly created 56 million victims – the unborn babies killed. But the reverberations from it go way beyond that.

Children & Family
Violence against women reduced through apprehended violence orders, survey shows

Emma Partridge, Kerrie Armstrong – SMH

An overwhelming majority of women who take out apprehended violence orders believe they are effective in deterring violent partners, a new survey reveals. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research study also showed 98 per cent of women who experienced physical violence, no longer did after taking out an AVO.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy
Baby Gammy granted Australian citizenship

Lindsay Murdoch – SMH

Gammy, the baby at the centre of Thailand’s surrogacy scandal, has been granted Australian citizenship. The 12-month-old baby with Down syndrome will now be eligible for Australian services such as health care. He will also be eligible to apply for an Australian passport.

Francis moving Church from pale green to deep green

Paul Collins – Eureka Street

There is one area where the last three popes have been right on the ball: the issue of care for the environment. John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis have been far ahead of most politicians on this issue. It’s widely expected that Pope Francis will issue an encyclical on the environment and climate change early this year in time to influence the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in late 2015.

At last, those annoying tomwaterhouse.com ads will be gone as global giant kills the brand

News Ltd

Australia’s most annoying TV presence will annoy you no more. Tomwaterhouse.com, the sports betting brand headed by a fourth generation Aussie bookie in a slick suit and a smarmy smile, is about to become a piece of history. The move has been on the cards for a while. British betting giant William Hill bought tomwaterhouse.com in 2013 for a reported $34 million

Homelessness & Poverty
God-honouring fast food chain helps homeless man

The Christian Institute

The simple kindness of a Christian restaurant manager in America has gone viral after a customer posted a picture of the incident on Facebook. Mark Meadows, who manages a Chick-fil-A shop in Birmingham, Alabama, gave a meal and his own pair of gloves to a man who appeared to be homeless.

US: On same-sex marriage, no way to dodge the question

The Atlantic

Since the Supreme Court’s order Friday agreeing to hear four same-sex marriage cases, some professors and reporters have raised a troubling possibility: could the Court have “stacked the deck” against full marriage equality by the way it phrased the “questions presented” by the cases?

US Supreme Court to tackle same-sex marriage
Michael Cook – Mercator Net

The US Supreme Court announced last week that it will review the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. Last November the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favour of bans in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan. This decision is now being appealed.

US: Minister sues Michigan for right to marry same-sex couples
Oralandar Brand-Williams – The Detroit News

A Detroit minister has sued Michigan in federal court, alleging state law violates his right to religious freedom by barring him from conducting same-sex and polygamous marriages.

Islamic cleric advocates marriage between kids and adults
Yaron Steinbuch – New York Post

A Turkish cleric supports marriages between children and adults – but others in the country slam such unions as child rape. Nureddin Yildiz, 58, president of the Social Fabric Foundation, said Jan. 10 that Islam imposes no age restrictions for marriages, Central European News reported.

Religious Freedom & Persecution
US: Cross removed after secular complaint

The Christian Institute

A statue of a soldier kneeling before a cross has been removed from a war memorial in North Carolina following a legal threat by a secular organisation. A US Army veteran alongside the group Americans for the Separation of Church and State had filed a lawsuit in 2012 arguing that the display promoted Christianity over other faiths.

Sexualisation of Society
UK’s Sun drops topless models from Page 3

News Ltd

For 45 years, the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid The Sun has featured topless models called Page 3 girls – photos that have long drawn protests from feminists.

The phantom search for ‘ethical porn’
Life Site News

Is there such a thing as ethical porn, and if so, how can we find it?

Police in Sydney to monitor rallies for Mohammed

Daily Telegraph

The Muslim radicals invoking Charlie Hebdo in their call for 10,000 believers to take to Sydney’s streets in support of Mohammed have caught the eye of Islamists around the world.

#TearsForBaga: the mystery of the missing hashtag
Ethan Zuckerman – Mercator Net

Consider two tragic events that took place last week. A small cell of Islamic terrorists attacked cartoonists at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and shoppers in a Paris supermarket, killing 17 people and sparking international outcry, solidarity and support. The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie trended globally, and world leaders took to the streets to march in support of Parisian resilience. In northern Nigeria, meanwhile, an army of Islamic extremists razed the village of Baga, killing as many as 2,000 people – mostly women and children who were unable to flee the attacks.