Charter of Rights in NSW


What is the party’s position on the introduction of a Charter of Rights in NSW?

Australian Conservatives (NSW)

The protection of human rights is not enhanced through the adoption of a ‘Charter of Rights’. The experience in other jurisdictions indicates that a ‘Charter of Rights’ frequently produces results that undermine religious liberty and other important human rights.

Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

The Christian Democratic Party strongly supports one set of laws that applies equally to all Australians, irrespective of gender, age, religion, ethnicity or faith.

The Christian Democratic Party opposes any formal recognition of Islamic sharia law or other cultural or religious based legal systems.

The standard of law should remain solidly grounded and consistent with those on which our national identity and culture were founded upon, whilst ensuring equality for all.

Although we are founded upon Christian principles, morals and values, we fully support the freedom of choice in regards to religion or the choice to reject spiritual faith of any kind.

The Christian Democratic Party supports the rights of churches, institutions, schools and individuals to uphold their Christian beliefs in the public sphere without fear of bullying or litigation.


We strongly support the creation of a bill of rights in NSW to ensure that human rights, as well as the social and environmental rights of all people, can be protected. NSW has some of the weakest anti-discrimination laws in the country, so it is crucial that the Act is updated to provide strong protections to provide adequate protection to everyone, including preventing discrimination on the basis of sex characteristics.

Labor Party (NSW Branch)

NSW Labor has not supported a Charter of Rights.

A Daley Labor Government will conduct a review of the impact of current legislation on the rights of citizens.

Liberal Party of Australia New South Wales Division

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is committed to protecting the human rights of all people in our community. The formulation of a Charter of Rights necessarily involves contentious choices about which rights should be included, and the relative strengths of those rights in inevitable cases of conflict.

A November 2018 report by the NSW Legislation Review Committee held that any consideration of a NSW bill of rights would need to be subject to a wider community debate.

One Nation Party

We believe parents should have the right to exempt their children from classes pushing gender fluidity theory and other dangerous post-modernist material.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (NSW) Incorporated

The party supports in principle a charter of rights but would reserve its final decision once seeing proposals of its make-up.

Animal Justice Party

The AJP would support a charter of rights for both humans and non-human animals, both locally and internationally, as we apply our values to all sentient beings, and the environment.