Parental Rights.


What is the party’s position on the right of parents of children in government schools to exempt their children from any classes that are inconsistent with their moral or religious beliefs?

Australian Conservatives (NSW)

We support the ability of parents to exempt their children from classes that are inconsistent with their moral and religious beliefs.

Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

The Christian Democratic Party believes parents should have the right to withhold their children from classes that encourage the sexualisation of children. Safe Schools type programs, under the guise of anti-bullying, delivered to school-aged children are not supported by the Christian Democratic Party.


The Greens do not believe it is the right of parents to teach their children to fear LGBTIQ people. Instead, we believe all young people have the right to feel safe and included while they are at school.

Labor Party (NSW Branch)

NSW Labor supports the curriculum review currently underway and will await its outcomes and recommendations. In the first instance, we encourage parents to work with the school community and raise their concerns about school matters with the school executive as soon as they arise.

Liberal Party of Australia New South Wales Division

The NSW Liberals & Nationals strongly believe in parental choice when it comes to the education of young people across NSW.
Different schools may suit different social and religious beliefs. Children in government schools are expected to attend core subject classes so that they may meet the requirements of the curriculum.
Where parents have concerns with the subject matter within a particular classroom they are encouraged to raise these concerns with the Principal.

One Nation Party

We believe parents should have the right to exempt their children from classes pushing gender fluidity theory and other dangerous post-modernist material.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (NSW) Incorporated

The party is a party that supports individual freedom, we believe the parent and student should always have the freedom to opt out of activities outside of the formal curriculum that are not conducive to their personal beliefs.

Animal Justice Party

The AJP recognises Australia as being a multicultural and multifaith country and that those within it have the right to their own belief systems. Therefore, it would be rational for parents to exempt their children from classes that are against their moral or religious beliefs.