Opening to the words of Amazing Grace sung and played by three Tassie sisters, Beth, Leah and Josefa Hochman, set to slides of magnificent Tasmanian scenery, the inaugural ACL Tasmania conference, held online via Zoom on Saturday, 27 June 2020, was a great success.

Dr Andrew Corbett drew principles from the life of King Hezekiah (2 Kings 20); that one of the most dangerous seasons in our lives can be when everything is going well, when there's peace and prosperity, because people don’t seek God. Also, that we must act for the good for generations to come, not just for our time. Professor Ian Olver, one of Australia’s leading oncologists and bioethicists, showed us that death is not the answer to a poor quality of life, as we do not know (apart from Christ) what lies beyond death. The answer is to assist each person, by effective palliative care, to find hope and purpose in the final chapter of life. 

Senator the Hon Eric Abetz issued a stirring call to combat the assisted suicide bill, saying it was “mixed message madness”. Archbishop Julian Porteous encouraged us to journey together to learn the art of dying well. Christopher Brohier unpacked the Gaffney Bill and Martyn Iles finished by showing us that the issue at hand is no longer about freedoms but truth. The battle is to suppress truth; we must as the disciples of old say, “Grant to your servants boldness that we may speak your Word” (Acts 4:29). We finished with an in-depth Q&A Panel.

Pray that the conference will be a cross-roads moment, to raise active support for palliative care and opposition to the assisted suicide bill. As Gary Kleyn our ACL Tasmanian based Ambassador encouraged us, if you are happy with what ACL is doing, get involved. May this moment stir the hearts of many Tasmanians to be salt and light to their communities, putting feet to their faith… for the generations…

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Some quotes from the day:

“My prayer is that today we set things in motion for the good for generations to come.”

- Dr Andrew Corbett

“When you have the truth you have an obligation to share it.”

- Sen the Hon Eric Abetz

“The opposite to painful existence or poor existence is not death. It’s a better existence.”

- Prof Ian Olver

“Life is a gift. Dying is a journey… as Christians we want to say it is a journey to be accompanied alongside, into the hands of God.”

- Archbishop Porteous

Thought to ponder: “God looks for people in every generation whom He can use to bring His message.”

- Martyn Iles

Speaker videos:

Martyn Iles Managing Director, Australian Christian Lobby

Professor Ian Olver AM MD PhD – Medical Oncologist, Cancer Research Institute Director, Professor and Bioethicist

Senator the Hon Eric Abetz – Senator for Tasmania

Most Rev Julian Porteous DD Archbishop of Hobart

Dr Andrew Corbett PhDPastor, Legana Christian Church

Christopher BrohierTasmania Director, Australian Christian Lobby


While an online event, some photos from the day:

Our Managing Director Martyn Iles speaking from our Canberra studio

Our expert panel: