“Abort it and try again.” Those chilling words, tweeted last month by Richard Dawkins, caused an international uproar.

Dawkins was responding to a post from Twitter user @InYourFaceNewYorker who had said, “I honestly don’t know what I would do if I were pregnant with a kid with Down Syndrome. Real ethical dilemma.”

Instead of responding with compassion, Dawkins tweeted that, “it would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.”

Many people were rightly shocked by Dawkins’ callous response. However even more shocking than Dawkins’ tweet is the sad reality of abortion practice in Western Australia.

An entire primary school vanished

In Western Australia, even a healthy pregnancy - read child - can be terminated up to full term. All that’s required is the consent of two doctors and a diagnosed “severe medical condition”.

This is setting the threshold for an abortion incredibly low.

Neither the mother nor the baby needs to have any life-threatening illness.

In the last ten years children have been aborted because of disabilitiesRichard Dawkins' tweet caused a world-wide controversy like Down syndrome or conditions such as dwarfism or Spina Bifida. Since 2001 474 Western Australian babies have been aborted post-20 weeks.

That’s larger than the average-sized Australian primary school. Imagine that. An entire primary school vanished.

Many of these children are being aborted, not because conditions that are incompatible with life, but because of disabilities.

WA’s abortion laws need to change

Western Australia’s abortion legislation isn’t working.

When the law was amended more than a decade ago to permit abortions up to full term, it was envisaged that these abortions would only happen in the rarest of circumstances.

Earlier this year Liberal MLC Nick Goiran drew attention to the shocking reality of abortion practice in WA in a speech to Parliament.

Since then, momentum has been building for an amendment that would limit post-20 week abortions to conditions that are incompatible with life.

Such an amendment would mean that it would no longer be possible to abort a child after twenty weeks simply because they might have a disability.

How you can make a difference

I’m encouraging people in WA to email their local MP and the Health Minister Kim Hames to call for changes to WA’s abortion laws.

Emailing your MP is easy and you can do it at this website.

I’m confident that if we all work together we can achieve real and lasting change leading to a more compassionate law in Western Australia.

Click here to email your WA members of parliament and Health Minister Kim Hames