The Australian Christian Lobby has congratulated Victorian mother, Inessa Zorkina, who gathered 49,000 signatures in the last three weeks to petition against ‘gender fluidity’, which were tabled in the Federal Parliament on Monday.

A Federal Parliamentary sitting, devoted to debating same sex marriage, was interrupted by the tabling of this hefty petition by Hon Kevin Andrews MP.

“This striking petition protests the teaching of LGBT gender theory at schools,” ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

“The signatories are from a growing movement of Mums and Dads in Victoria who are protesting their children being asked to role play being in gay relationships.

“Many young parents are adamant that their children will not be taught that their gender is fluid.

“The petition asks that the Parliament review and ultimately disband “Safe Schools”, “Catching on Early” and “Catching on Later” due to the radical gender fluidity concepts being taught within these programmes.

Ms Zorkina said the staggering number of signatories was achieved by social media, using Stop Child Abuse Stop Safe Schools.

“As a young parent with a child about to start school, I am concerned that the Government has taken our parental rights and is pushing their propaganda to our children. This is destroying our kids’ lives,” Ms Zorkina said.

“This matter has assumed great urgency in Victoria with the Andrews government poised to make “Safe Schools” compulsory in all High Schools next year.”

Mr Flynn: “The parents opposed to Safe Schools are highly motivated and their numbers will be critical in the upcoming Victorian election.”


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Petition Details

Petition Number 


Petition Address 

To the Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and Members of the House of Representatives

Petition Of 

Certain citizens of Australia

Petition Reason 

Programs such as “Safe Schools Program”, “Catching on Early” and “Catching on Later”, which were founded and supported by The Australian safe schools coalition, teaches students inappropriate content comprised of comprehensive LGBT gender theory and as a result undermines religious, cultural and family values. We fear that kids who are exposed to this type of highly sexualized content may become very likely to develop stress and high levels of confusion regarding sensitive topics such as sexuality, reproduction and gender. Within these programs and against parents wishes, Australian children are; instructed to role play LGBT sexual scenarios, referred to sexually explicit LGBT material online, taught that gender theory equates to fact and many other troublesome practices. Initially dressed up as an anti bullying program, the SSP proves to have nothing to do with anti bullying and everything to do with advancing a fringe LBGT sexual ideology by targeting Australian children and coercing them into contemplating or even engaging in LBGT lifestyle.

Petition Request 

We therefore ask the house to thoroughly review these programs and to ultimately disband them.