5) Prostitution

The University of Queensland has found that the legalisation of brothels in Queensland has failed to curb the growth of prostitution, with up to 90 percent of Queensland’s prostitution industry remaining unregulated and illegal. Sex trafficking continues to be a problem. Internationally, policies discouraging demand for sexual services are proving to be the most effective way of limiting both the size of and the harms resulting from prostitution. The policy approach known as the “Nordic model” comprises three essential elements:

  • buying sexual services becomes a criminal offence. The message that purchasing sexual services is socially unacceptable can be reinforced with public education campaigns.
  • selling sexual services is decriminalised
  • funding and support is provided for exit strategies to assist prostituted persons to leave this industry.

a)  Will your party commit to a meaningful examination of this successful policy approach to prostitution with a view to implementing a similar approach in Queensland?

Party Answer

The LNP is happy to consider international best practice policies and laws to ensure that illegal prostitution and sex trafficking activities are stamped out, in consultation with the police and the regulatory agency known as the Prostitution Licensing Authority.

One Nation Still awaiting answer
Queensland Labor

The Palaszczuk Government does not propose to change the current prostitution licensing framework in Queensland during the next term of Government

The Greens QLD Still awaiting answer

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