2 October 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging US pro-life advocate Troy Newman to return to America and go through the proper appeal process to have his visa reinstated.

More than 7,000 signatures were emailed to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s office this afternoon calling on him to let pro-life advocate Troy Newman speak in Australia.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said there was no evidence Mr Newman had acted violently or incited violence in his years as one of America’s most effective campaigners for human rights for the unborn.

This afternoon Mr Newman lost his bid in the High Court to stay in Australia.

“Given Mr Newman flew here without a valid visa, it is understandable that the High Court took the decision it did this afternoon.

“However, this does not mean Mr Newman should not appeal the Immigration Department’s decision to refuse him a visa so he can return at a later time.”

Mr Shelton said ACL launched an on-line petition this morning in support of Mr Newman’s bid to be able to speak in Australia.

“In five-and-half-hours more than 7,000 people had signed the on-line petition. This is an incredible result.”

Mr Shelton was concerned the initial decision to ban Mr Newman was made at the behest of abortion lobby-funded Labor MP Terri Butler.

“Ms Butler gets campaign money from Emily’s List which funds female Labor candidates on the condition they will use their political careers to promote abortion.

“Pressure on Mr Dutton to ban Mr Newman came from someone who has a vested interest in ensuring abortion is not discussed in Australia.

Mr Newman is on the board of the Centre for Medical Progress which exposed US abortion business Planned Parenthood for selling dismembered body parts of unborn babies to medical research companies.

Planned Parenthood’s activities are the subject of a Congressional investigation, with hearings held on Capitol Hill in Washington DC this week.

The Australian Government gives Australian taxpayers’ money to Planned Parenthood for its Asia-Pacific operations.

“A worrying trend is developing in Australian politics where smears are increasingly being used to silence debate.

“It is important the Australian public be allowed to hear Mr Newman and have him judged in the court of public opinion,” Mr Shelton said.