Bishop expects 30 years of hard work

Tess Livingstone – The Australian

WHAT gifts do princes of the church receive for major birthday milestones?

Among other goodies, including a London newspaper dated June 8, 1941 -- Trinity Sunday -- Australia's Cardinal George Pell, who turned 70 yesterday, scored an extra pair of hands. Last night at St Mary's Cathedral he ordained a new auxiliary bishop for Sydney, Peter Comensoli, who at 47 is Australia's youngest bishop.

Many believe gay marriage will happen:poll


The majority of Australians concede it's only a matter of time before same-sex marriage is legalised, a new poll suggests.

Lobby group Australian Marriage Equality is using the Galaxy poll, which it commissioned, to call for gay marriage to be legalised.

UK addresses sexualisation of children: what's Australia doing?

Melinda Tankard Reist – The Drum

A British six-month independent review into the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood, published Monday, called on retailers, media and regulatory bodies to take action in the best interest of children.

Family values and the hypocrisy of the pro-lifers

Tanja Kovac – The Punch

The Coalition loves to play up its family credentials with Christian voters.  But both the Coalition and pro-life groups talk big and do little to support women to have kids. This is the unspoken hypocrisy of the pro-life movement.

Once in four pregnancies aborted

Cathy O’Leary – The West Australian

WA has Australia's second highest rate of abortions compared with the number of pregnancies, new figures reveal.

A State Health Department report shows almost one in four pregnancies in WA in 2009 were terminated on purpose.

The review, which tracked the number of abortions from 2006 to 2009, also found more than half of all pregnancies.

Australia's humans rights obligations

Ben Schokman and Phil Lynch – The Drum

A growing chorus of international voices is telling Australia that it must do better on human rights.

As pressure mounts on the Federal Government over the "Malaysia solution", Australia's human rights record will face further scrutiny from the international community when it appears before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today.

Vulnerable Victorians deserve a stronger charter of rights

Hugh de Kretser – The Age

After four years in operation, Victoria's Human Rights Charter is in for some close examination. Attorney-General Robert Clark has given a Parliamentary Committee the job of reviewing the charter. At times, the charter has attracted controversy, yet at its heart, it has quietly and surely been delivering better results for vulnerable Victorians. This review provides an opportunity to accelerate these outcomes.

Stimulated heart cells could mobilise to repair a damaged heart, giving hope to heart attack victims

Leigh Dayton – The Australian

THE prospect of using a person's own stem cells to help heal their damaged heart has moved closer to reality.

An international research group reports today in the journal Nature that it can boost the formation of new heart muscle cells by treating mice with a small molecule it found can encourage the regrowth of blood vessels.

The carbon price debate as smokescreen for inaction

Tad Tietze and Elizabeth Humphrys – The Drum

What if one of the biggest debates in federal politics today - the increasingly hysterical and partisan debate on a carbon price - actually mattered very little in terms of the practical outcomes purportedly being sought: the de-carbonisation of the Australian economy?

European pissants, humbug hypocrisy

Gary Johns – The Australian

SO that's decided, then, is it? Australia is a pissant nation of tossers, too afraid to throw in its lot with European carbon traders and open its borders to boatpeople.

Australia's critics - among them the BBC, The Economist, Ross Garnaut, Julian Burnside QC and Michael Grubb of Cambridge - have really had a field day in the past fortnight.

No place for women: The Skype affair and women on the frontline

Brian Hudson – Online Opinion

Before the media stood the Minister for Defence, and next to him was the Chief of the Defence Force. While the Air Chief Marshal looked glumly on, the Minister declared that the bingeing, bullying and blokey culture in the armed services and at Duntroon must change. It seems that extensive and unreported sexual harassment is the dark side of mateship.

Secret lover sues late partner's estate

Andrea Petrie – The Age

THE secret gay lover of a Melbourne church organist is seeking almost $1 million from his estate, after his alleged partner of 30 years left him nothing when he died.

In what is believed to be the first same-sex will dispute in Victoria, Juanito Estrella, 51, is suing the children of Leon Wesley George Robins as executors and beneficiaries of his $2.7 million estate.

Principals plead for help over disturbed students as behavioural problems worsen in classrooms

Tanya Chilcott – The Courier Mail

EVERY state primary school in Queensland should be assigned specialists to urgently address worsening mental health and behavioural problems in the classroom, principals say.

Equal pay rally in rain

Ben Schneiders – The Age

IT WASN'T a subtle message, but it was one they wanted heard in Canberra as well as Spring Street. ''Show us the money'', the crowd of more than 2000 equal pay supporters chanted yesterday amid a cacophony of whistles and cheers.