Boycott call by lobby group GetUp is nothing but blackmail

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

ONE of the things we must never lose in this country is our freedom to speak our mind.

But this week many chief executives got a letter from a lobby group called GetUp, whose founding directors included Bill Shorten, now the Assistant Treasurer.

Australian children are being terrified by climate change lessons

Bruce McDougall and Jenny Dillon - The Daily Telegraph

PRIMARY school children are being terrified by lessons claiming climate change will bring "death, injury and destruction" to the world unless they take action.

On the eve of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's carbon tax package announcement, psychologists and scientists said the lessons were alarmist, created unneeded anxiety among school children and endangered their mental health.

Television advertisements draw consumer complaints

Marianne Betts - Herald Sun

ADVERTISEMENTS depicting sex, including homosexuality, religion, and possible cruelty to animals have drawn the most complaints in the past six months.

The Advertising Standards Bureau chief executive Fiona Jolly said the ad most complained about between January and June was a billboard and poster promoting condom use, featuring an image of two fully clothed men holding each other, with the words "Rip & Roll". It drew 275 complaints, the Herald Sun reported.

Stem cell laws rule out hybrid embryo


The Australian Academy of Science is disappointed a review of Australia's laws on the use of embryos in scientific research has ruled out the creation of a type of hybrid embryo.

The first review of the laws in five years has found the embryo research and anti-cloning legislation should remain largely unchanged.

On Libs putting the Greens last

Mumble Blog - The Australia

Should the Liberal party preference Labor ahead of the Greens at the next federal election?

This is what some inside and outside the party are recommending.

God's dollar better spent on welfare

Adele Horin - The Sydney Morning Herald

It's not just a bunch of atheists and self-interested psychologists who are worried about the school chaplaincy program. The head of the Anglican Education Commission in Sydney, Bryan Cowling, has also cast doubt on the role of school chaplains in government schools, in part because they don't "need to have any particular credentials".

Conversations: Gambling in Australia

The Drum

Today the Drum, in collaboration with The Conversation, a website that publishes commentary, research and analysis from Australian universities and the CSIRO, is bringing you a series of articles on gambling in Australia.

Labor pollie tells: Labor is bigoted

Ian Hunter - The Punch

In the wake of New York’s historic decision to legalise same sex marriages, I find myself increasingly frustrated by the Australian Government’s refusal to provide Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) to same sex couples who wish to wed overseas in countries that recognise marriage equality.

As someone who is considering marrying their partner overseas, I am personally affected and outraged by this bureaucratic bigotry.

South Sudan Becomes World's Newest Country

Napp Nazworth - Christian Post

South Sudan became the world's newest country on Saturday (local time) as it declared its independence.

In anticipation of an uneasy transition to statehood, the United Nations authorized sent 7,000 troops and 900 police on Friday to help establish peace for the war-ravaged new nation. The U.N. resolution was drafted by the United States and approved by the U.N. Security Council by a 15-0 vote.

The Tragedy of Sex-Selection Abortion

Chuck Colson - Christian Post

On Sunday, June 26, CNN aired a heart-breaking report, “Nepal’s Stolen Children.” The documentary, narrated by actress Demi Moore, told the story of Nepalese girls who were sold into slavery and turned into prostitutes in neighboring India.

During the broadcast Moore broke down and cried and spoke about making sure this kind of thing never happens again. While no one can diagree with that. The problem is that we are ignoring an important part of what is driving this inhumane traffic in innocence.