Lottery offers IVF treatment prize

ABC News

Victoria's peak IVF authority says a British lotto offering free IVF treatment for the winner is a misguided concept.
The UK charity To Hatch is offering a 20 pound ($30) raffle with one free IVF cycle treatment as the prize.

There are unconfirmed reports the charity wants to bring the lotto to Australia.

Louise Johnson from the Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority says people should be wary of the raffle.

Push to expand religious teaching
Jewel Topsfield – The Age

THE Christian group that teaches the controversial religious education program in Victorian government schools has announced a five-year ''mission'' to extend its reach into independent schools.

LNP state conference complete with Campbell Newman anthem

Spencer Howson – ABC

The LNP's election leader and candidate for Ashgrove Campbell Newman looked liked he was launching an election campaign when he addressed the party's state conference on the weekend.

The best arguments for God are purely scientific

Roy Williams - The Punch

Modern-day defenders of orthodox Christianity – of any religion with a supernatural element – face a host of challenges. Chief among them is the widespread assumption that science and religion are hopelessly incompatible.

It's time to torpedo the punt

Anthony Sharwood - The Punch

Nothing better symbolises the hypocrisy that surrounds sports betting in this country than this painting, which depicts the scenes in the Collingwood rooms after last year’s grand final.

Should we force kin to suffer the unkindest cut?

Daniela Elser - The Punch

Should circumcision be banned? Is it mutilation or a culturally and medically significant practice?

That’s the question facing legislators in San Francisco after a controversial, but successful, campaign lead by “Foreskin Man” Michael Hess to have the question put to a ballot.

The Australian Democrats are no template for the Australian Greens

Patrick Baume - Online Opinion

With the ascension of the Greens to nine seats in the Senate and holding the balance of power alone in that house, many pundits have already been keen to write them off as a potential flash in the pan like the Australian Democrats. A Party that is filling the vacuum for people unhappy, for whatever reason, with the two major players that will eventually disappear after it is faced with the cold hard pragmatics of having a real say on policy.

NY gay marriage bill: the hidden faith factor

R. Leigh Coleman - Christian Post

A closer behind-the-scenes look at gay rights advocates, who publicly support the New York vote to adopt gay marriage and are hoping it will galvanize the movement around the country, includes a shocking number of clergy and faith leaders.

Apologist Josh McDowell: internet the greatest threat to Christians

Anugrah Kumar - Christian Post

Atheists and skeptics now have equal access to our children as we have, which is why the number of Christian youth who believe in the fundamentals of Christianity is decreasing and sexual immorality is growing, apologist Josh McDowell said.

Rann to ditch MA15+ for video games

Mark Schliebs - The Australian

THE Rann government is willing to become the only jurisdiction to remove the MA15+ rating for video games in favour of R18 classifications.

More pain for labour in latest poll

ABC News

A new opinion poll has voter support for Labor plunging even further amid concerns over the party's carbon tax plan, with the party holding just 26 per cent of the primary vote.