As I sit writing today’s blog from a McDonalds in Seven Hills, Sydney, (such is the life of a roving Christian lobbyist) I’m hoping to keep a lower profile this week.

Last week’s missive went viral after some media outlets said I was comparing gay marriage to the Holocaust, something I would never do.

Channel 10’s The Project interviewed me.

“Safe Schools” told The Project I was telling fibs about its content. You can be the judge of that.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Safe Schools” program continues to be discussed in newspapers like The Australian.

Co-founder Roz Ward was suspended from LaTrobe University this week for calling the Australian flag “racist” but then re-instated after her union threatened legal action.

A guard of honour met Roz as she returned to work yesterday.

“Safe Schools” is teaching children that their gender is fluid and its Nevo video promotes sex change surgery to adolescents, regardless of what parents or family think.

ACL’s Wendy Francis wrote a passionate article for the Bible Society entitled Call me old fashioned but I won’t shut up about Safe Schools.

Last night Wendy ran the first of what will be around 27 ACL local Meet Your Candidate Forums at Ipswich, Queensland.

The Labor candidate Shayne Neumann nailed his colours to the mast in front of 160 Christian voters, backing “Safe Schools”.

With this debate confined largely to broadsheet newspapers, we need to keep spreading the word about “Safe Schools”.

It is an election issue because Labor has pledged to fund it while the Coalition will not renew its funding.