Melbourne witnessed an unprecedented display of unity & colour in support of the unborn on Spring Street today.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Victorian director Dan Flynn described today’s March for the Babies as a pro-life triump.

“Thousands of Victorians affirmed the rights of the unborn and their support for those facing unexpected pregnancies”, Mr Flynn said.

“Every year the March gets larger and younger and the opposition becomes smaller. The only opposition today was from a few protesters in Sex Party T-Shirts”.

“The message to Members of Victorian Parliament is that Victorians in rising numbers are demanding human rights for unborn babies. The message that, even if a baby is unwanted, it is still a human, resonated with the large crowd”.

“Church Ministers were urged to find their voice in supporting the unborn and to overcome the fear imposed by political correctness”.

“Today’s March is against the background of Victoria having the most liberal abortion laws in the western world, with state sanctioned abortion up to birth, for any reason”. Mr Flynn said