Managing Director of Women's Forum Australia Kristan Dooley spoke to ABC Breakfast show today together with psychologist Louise Adams about the harm that can come from a sexualised media environment for girls.

Women's Forum Australia has begun importing a Lottie doll, as a positive alternative to dolls that have unrealistic body shapes, wear highly sexualised clothing or come with tattoos, fangs and other such things that promote unhealthy and unrealistic lifestyle.

She told ABC that WFA have been inundated with requests for the doll since news spread that it was being imported to Australia.

A 7 minute video interview can be watched here or by clicking on the picture on the left.

The ACL's Katherine Spackman recently interviewed Collective Shout's Melinda Liszewski about a list of businesses the organisation is encouraging people not to buy from because the brands have excelled in sexploitation. The organisation has recommended Towards the Stars as a positive alternative and safe haven from the commercialisation and sexualisation of girlhood.