In Australia abortion laws are a state issue

We are learning more and more about the intricacies and value of life each and every day.  Technology is showing us how babies growth and feel pain.

For the first time in decades a generation that values life is becoming the majority and starting to voices its values.

Here is a snapshot of what is happen across the nation.

New South Wales  Queensland  Tasmania  Victoria

Prevent 'abortion only' zones in NSW

Right now the Parliament of NSW is looking to make the act of providing support and information for women considering and abortion within a 150m of an abortion facility illegal.

That's right - if you provide information that encourages any women to keep her baby within 150 of an abortion facility, you will be a criminal.

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Calling on all Tasmanians!

It is time to help our Tassie mums and encourage the government to stand firm in their commitment to provide the best support for all Tasmanian women.

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