[caption id="attachment_3466" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Janelle's baby at 19 weeks. Abortion activists want to remove all protection for the unborn."][/caption]

Emboldened by the tragic Cairns case, abortion activists are noisy this week. But technology and truth are working against them.

Last weekend I was interviewed by Brisbane community radio station 4zzz as part of a debate about decriminalising abortion.

The young announcer who described his station as ‘centre left’, asked me if I really believed that a foetus was human from conception.

“Well if it is not human, what is it?” I responded.

“Good point “, he said, and moved on.    

It struck me that Generation Y has inherited the abortion assumptions of the Baby Boomers and my cynical Generation X, but has not owned them.

So when confronted with the other side of the story on an issue like abortion, they put up no opposition because they are open minded enough to hear another view.

I might be too optimistic about Gen Y’s openness but I couldn’t help draw hope from this exchange that the abortion debate can turn.

Another reason it will turn is improving technology.

Two weeks ago my sister Janelle SMSed me a 3D ultrasound picture of her unborn baby with the words “your niece or nephew :)”.

As I look at it now on my Blackberry I’m astounded at the clarity of the picture compared to the grainy ultrasound images of my own children when they were in my wife’s womb.

This picture was taken at 19 weeks.

“You can’t just lie there in the middle of your scan and think this is not a life,” Janelle told me.

This week, the Australian newspaper showed a picture of a 17 week foetus smiling, in what is believed to be a world first. Curiously the pic appeared only in the printed edition.

Also on the weekend, ACL’s Western Australian Director Michelle Pearse e-mailed our team a link to this site showing amazing images and animations of life in the womb.

Today’s technology makes humanity-denying phrases such as ‘products of conception’ and ‘blobs of foetal tissue’ sound Medieval and plain dumb.

Society’s denial can’t last.

Under Victoria’s extreme abortion laws passed two years ago, babies like Janelle’s can be ‘terminated’ up until 24 weeks for no reason and up to birth if two abortionists agree, again for no reason.

Abortion activists leveraging public and political sympathy for their cause off the tragic Cairns abortion case this week are demanding Queensland Premier Anna Bligh gives the State Victorian-style laws.

At issue in the Cairns case is the alleged self-procurement of a miscarriage by a young couple using illegally imported abortion drugs.

The co-accused, Tegan Leach, told the Sydney Morning Herald she sought an abortion because she “wasn't ready for a child”.

Abortion activists want to see a greater uptake of the relatively newly legalised abortion pill RU486 because it terminates the life of the baby in the very early stages - at an age before people start SMSing their baby pics to friends and family.

One day when abortion is consigned to a curious footnote of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, more enlightened generations will shake their heads in bewilderment about how we could live in such denial.

If you live in Queensland, please take a minute to send an e-mail to Premier Anna Bligh and your local MP urging them not to give in to the activists. This is quick and easy through our Make a Stand campaign.

Another reason for hope that this debate will turn is people like you and me finding our voices again in the public square.