What do Queenslanders Really Think About Abortion?

The push to liberalise abortion is unceasing.

Abortion activists and providers will not stop in their campaign to force our state to implement laws that would allow babies to be aborted up until full term. We can not become weary in doing good - Technology advancement means that we now know that these are human beings, babies who feel pain and deserve our protection. 

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Tell Your MP To Vote Against Jackie Trad’s Abortion Bill

This proposed legislation is actually very extreme.  Please write to your local MP today - clicking the button below will make it very easy for you.

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Queensland Parliament Submission

On 22 August 2018, the Queensland Government introduced the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018 and referred the Bill to the Health Committee for consideration.

This legislation contains very serious concerns.

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What can we expect in 2018

In August, the Labor Government tabled the most extreme abortion laws in the Australia.

These are the facts.

1. Jackie Trad's abortion laws allow abortion at any stage for any reason.
2. There are no protections to stop women being coerced to abort their baby.
3. Doctors conscience will be violated.
4. Faith based hospital's will lose the freedom to not offer abortion services.

Now is the time to act! Please contact your MP today.

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