Women are never served well by removing important abortion safeguards, says the ACL.

This week NSW Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi has signaled her intention to introduce a bill that will remove important abortion safeguards, suppress speech, and restrict the rights of medical professionals to act with good conscience.

The NSW Parliament has an obligation to help women and children and the ACL calls on MPs from all parties to seriously consider whether removing safeguards for women and ignoring community sentiment best serves the people of NSW.

ACL spokesperson for women, Wendy Francis, warns that the Greens bill is extreme because it seeks to force doctors and nurses to act against their conscience, allows for abortion to birth, and includes provisions for a 150 metre so-called ‘safe access’ zones that are designed to prevent any dissent from the public.

“This bill will spell disaster for women and children, it is completely out of step with the community which wants to see a decline in abortions and safeguards for women,” Ms Francis said.

“What the community and women are looking for is better options than abortion, which leads to terrible consequences for mother and child.

 Ms Francis said the pressure the bill places on doctors and nurses is very concerning.

“Forcing doctors who value the life of the unborn to refer clients to pro-abortionists is not only objectionable to doctors but will mean pregnant women will not be afforded to chance to be informed,” she said

“Not everyone who opposes proposed changes to legislation on abortion is religious. It is an intrinsic human desire to protect the rights of children and women,” Ms Francis said.

“As knowledge grows on how a baby’s life begins in the mother’s womb, the community is becoming increasingly alarmed by the high levels of abortions that are occurring.

“Women deserve better than abortion. They need stronger safeguards such as anti-coercion laws, a requirement for provision of free professional counselling independent of the abortion clinic, coupled with a cooling-off period.

“In addition, much better support services for women is required so they can choose the life-giving alternatives of keeping the child, adopting or fostering – and not feeling that abortion is their only choice,” she said.

“The existing law on abortion stands as something of a safeguard against women being pressured by their partners or parents.

“This as a crucial time for the people of NSW to write or speak to their MP this week. Constituents need to urge their MP to respect the health and rights of women by opposing this bill put forward by The Greens that removes important safeguards.”


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