Absent is a documentary by award-winning journalist and director Justin Hunt, about the impact of fathers on children and society. It has won six international awards.

The documentary is now being released in Australia, and you are invited to attend a screening of it in your state this month.

The film explores the powerful effects of fathers on their children's lives and shows the importance of love, respect and acceptance desperately needed for young men and women to grow up emotionally healthy.

Absent includes interviews with social experts like John Eldridge and Richard Rohr. There are also interviews with James Hetfield of the band Metallica, and boxing world champion Johnny Tapia.

Director Justin Hunt spoke recently to ACL's Katherine Spackman about the documentary. Listen to the interview here.

Click this link to access a list of screening dates and times in a city near you.

Be sure to watch the trailer above, and visit the official website for more information.