The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today welcomed and accepted an apology from ACT Greens Senate Candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds for her reaction to ACL in a WIN News story last night.

However, ACL is concerned that other comments she made misrepresented ACL, the size of its supporter base and the way it works with the constituency.

In an interview on WIN News last night Ms Hatfield Dodds challenged the size of ACL’s claimed supporter base and said that our election questionnaire had been put together by only 10 people.

“The Greens appear to be trying to deflect criticism from their failure to answer questions on some key issues for the Christian constituency by trying to brand us irrelevant through misrepresenting our level of support,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said today.

“In actual fact, ACL not only has around 10,000 supporters but we have built up wide networks among Christian churches and organisations, as evidenced by our ability to mobilise tens of thousands of Christians for our election leaders’ webcasts in 2007 and 2010. Just recently we did an election mail-out of one million pieces of literature to around 6000 churches – hardly a small number!

“In relation to our election questionnaire, input to both identify and frame the questions was sought and received from relevant peak Christian organisations, denominational leaders, Christian academics and subject matter experts. It was a wide consultation process that cannot be dismissed in the way Ms Hatfield Dodds tries to.”

Mr Wallace said he was also concerned about the way the Greens were trying to imply the ACL is not interested in social justice issues.

“This is far from the case and any attempt to portray us in this way is laid bare by the balance and depth of our questions which included issues such as overseas aid, refugees, homelessness and youth unemployment. It may suit the Greens’ purposes to try to put us in a box, but in reality our concerns span a wide range of social justice, moral and life issues – something the Greens would have noticed if they answered the ACL questionnaire.”

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