The Australian Christian Lobby will write on Monday, via email, to all NSW Upper House members, calling on them to ensure that adoption in NSW remains as it should be, about the rights of children, not adults (draft below).

The letter appeals to MLC’s to separate the issues of known and stranger adoption, the latter requiring Governments always to act in the child’s best interests, given that the children being placed are already traumatised by the circumstances of their being orphaned or disadvantaged by having almost certainly reluctantly been given up for adoption by a mother who feels she can’t cope with their upbringing.

“Those who believe Christians are against this simply as a gay and lesbian issue should realise that the Bible is replete with injunctions for Christians to protect orphans and we will not shirk this responsibility, or fail to ask legislators to meet theirs, because of the strength of a very aggressive and selfish gay rights lobby,” said ACL Managing Director, Jim Wallace.

Writing to members of the NSW Legislative Council, Mr Wallace argued that the scope of the Adoption Amendment be limited:

“if you are convinced of the need for reform in known adoption, I ask that you in all conscience ensure the legislation is limited to [known adoption]... Adoption has never been about the rights of adults, but the rights of children.”

The letter points out that the selfishness of this demand by the gay and lesbian rights lobby is reflective of the demand they have put in Tasmania for the “right” to give blood, despite exceptionally high rates of HIV infection in the community, once again demanding rights that put the interests of others last.

“When the perceived rights of these gay and lesbian rights activists reaches this point, where it so obviously seeks to overturn the long held principle that adoption is about children, not adults, it is time for the community, but especially legislators, to say ‘Too far, enough!’”, said Mr Wallace.

Media Contact: David Hutt on 0409 678 484.

5 September 2010

To members of the NSW Legislative Council

I am writing in the light of the very close passage of the bill giving adoption rights to homosexual couples in the Legislative Assembly, to appeal to you to reject it when it comes before you.

This letter is further to the detailed objections recorded in a letter you will have received from my State Director, Mr David Hutt.

I am sure that the deceptive co-opting of the term “best interests of the child” by the gay and lesbian activists to this cause has not blinded you to the fact that this bill is not just about known adoption, but also stranger adoption.

While the gay and lesbian rights lobby have tried their hardest to mount a case for allowing ‘known’ adoptions, they have failed entirely to articulate an argument in support of allowing ‘stranger’ adoptions.

There is no argument drawing on reason, compassion or nature, that can justify a vote that consigns children, in whose best interests you have an absolute responsibility to act, to being given in adoption to a same-sex couple when the list of suitable adoptive heterosexual couples is so disappointedly long.

Given the raft of Federal and NSW State legislative initiatives to ensure the rights of both children and parents in homosexual families over the last few years, even the case for known same-sex adoptions is difficult to see. But like the demands by gays in Tasmania for the “right” to give blood despite the obvious threat to public health of their exceptionally high HIV infection rates, this demand pays no respect to the rights of others, in this case even children.

However if you are convinced of the need for reform in known adoption, I ask that you in all conscience ensure the legislation is limited to this.

Adoption has never been about the rights of adults, but the rights of children. But it is also about the responsibility of legislators to ensure that the most vulnerable of children, those orphaned or reluctantly given up for adoption, should be placed in a family that gives them the love and natural personal development models of both a mother and a father. An inalienable right for children, and one that governments are honour bound to ensure above the demands of adults, whatever their sexuality.

I appeal to your conscience in this, both on behalf of the ACL and personally as a citizen of NSW,

Yours faithfully,


Managing Director