Last Friday, 25 March, the ACL’s Lyle Shelton and Ben Williams appeared as witnesses before public hearings of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee Inquiry into the Australian film and literature classification scheme. In the opening statement, Lyle said:

“At present the contemporary media environment is toxic for children; as the PM notes, especially for girls. This is because our classification system is a failure. Like big tobacco before it, commercial vested interests will beg to differ with family groups, child advocates and the academic research which shows their products are harmful to children. How many more government inquiries will there be before action is taken? This issue has gone beyond the tipping point and if root and branch reform does not result from this Senate inquiry and the accompanying Australian Law Reform Commission review this year, then we will be back again here going over the same old ground.”

Please click here to read the rest of the evidence provided by the ACL before the hearings, and here for a copy of ACL’s submission to the inquiry.