ACL Assistant Local Campaign Organiser (LCO) Agreement 


Australian Christian Lobby (ACL, we, our) 

Assistant Local Campaign Organiser (LCO) with details below (I, me, my) 

We value our Assistant LCOs and appreciate your contribution in living as salt and light in our nation by becoming a local leader in the ACL grassroots movement. We want your experience as an Assistant LCO to be productive and rewarding for you, your team and the ACL. As part of this, please read and agree to the following. 

Assistant LCO activities may include: 

  • supporting local volunteers and supporters, 
  • looking for opportunities to recruit more volunteers in your electorate, 
  • being the local point of contact between ACL and volunteers, 
  • organising the local part of a national/state campaign when required and where directed. 

See also ACL Assistant LCO Position Description documentation which has further information.  


  • To provide induction and information to you as an assistant local campaign organiser. 
  • To explain what is required of you and to equip, support and encourage you. 
  • To always treat you with courtesy and respect. 
  • To be receptive to comments and feedback. 
  • To hold all necessary insurances for the volunteers in all the activities that you carry out with our prior approval. 
  • To reimburse all expenses that have had prior approval by your State Director or the National Campaign Staff and where receipts are provided. 

This voluntary position can be terminated by either party for any reason.


I agree that:

  1. I will perform my role as an Assistant LCO to the best of my ability and will comply with all training, inductions and directions given to me by ACL staff and supervisors consistent with the Position Description 2024. 
  2. I will provide Pastoral reference details so ACL can obtain a verbal or written reference. 
  3. I will conduct myself in a professional manner and will treat all staff, volunteers, and members of the public with dignity, respect, and courtesy; I will not represent myself as a spokesperson for ACL to anyone (including on social media) without ACL approval. 
  4. I will treat all ACL property with respect and will return all such property to ACL when my volunteer duties are complete. 
  5. I will keep confidential all information that I receive during my time as an Assistant LCO, including names and information about volunteers. I will only use that information for the purposes of my Assistant LCO role and will not disclose that information to any other party. 
  6. I will take primary responsibility for my health, safety, and wellbeing as a volunteer and lookout for the health and safety of the volunteers in my team. I will release ACL from liability for any injury or loss to me that happens during my time as a volunteer to the extent that it is not covered by insurance that ACL provides. ACL has relevant volunteer and public liability insurance. 
  7. I will commit for at least one year’s service where possible. 
  8. I will obtain and provide a Working with Vulnerable Persons check or a Police Check if requested by ACL. 
  9. I acknowledge that both parties can terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason and, upon request, I will return all ACL materials and resources within a reasonable time.