ACL has backed a proposal from West Australian Liberal MP Peter Abetz that women should view an ultrasound picture of their unborn child and have a 48-hour cooling off period after seeking an abortion.

Mr Abetz made his call for women seeking an abortion to “know the facts” during a rally on Monday night of 300 people at the WA Parliament House marking the anniversary of the 1998 liberalisation of the State’s abortion laws. Please click here for more details.

ACL believes Mr Abetz’s proposal would be an important step forward in assisting women to make a more informed choice when faced with an unsupported pregnancy.

Far too many women are still left feeling they have restricted options when experiencing an unexpected or unsupported pregnancy.

Modern technology has given us an amazing insight into the development of babies within the womb. When making a decision that will affect both themselves and their unborn child, surely it is appropriate for women to have access to as much information as possible.

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