ACL has publicly backed mooted action to reduce poker machine numbers in the ACT and put more funds into addressing problem gambling, as we believe far more attention needs to be given to the devastating impact of gambling addictions on ACT families.

Last Friday the Canberra Times reported that ACT Gaming Minister Andrew Barr planned to reduce poker machines by as many as one in seven in local clubs – an initiative which has since come under fire from Clubs ACT. Please click here for more details.

ACL has welcomed Mr Barr’s proposals to reduce poker machines as an important first step and urged the Government to go further. He also called for the Government to consider other measures to reduce problem gambling.

We have long been concerned about the heavy reliance of State and Territory Governments on gambling revenue and the way this can prevent them from dealing effectively with problem gambling.

Reducing the number of poker machines in the ACT – which as Mr Barr has said has the highest number of poker machines per capita of any state – would be an important step forward in breaking the stranglehold gaming machines have on the Territory and we urge Cabinet to support this initiative.”

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