For release: Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today calls on the Andrews Government to end its support for cage fighting in Victoria.

ACL Victorian State Director, Dan Flynn said, “Any sport which glorifies bone fractures, lacerations and repeated blows to the head as entertainment should be banned in Victoria” he said.

“There are two cultural problems here. The first is the fact that this is a sport which closely resembles the real conditions of a street fight. This is irresistible marketing to some men, and has been the main factor in encouraging some audience and participants to act violently on our streets. Last year, a police officer tried to arrest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) participant Jody Vedepo due to drunk and disorderly behaviour. He allegedly head-butted the officer who ended up in hospital. This is one example in a long list of assaults directly encouraged by this sport.

The second cultural problem is the spectacle.

“Bone fractures and dislocations are two of the most common injuries in cage fighting. But this does not repel audiences, in fact the opposite is true and it’s all part of the spectacle.

“This is hardly suitable entertainment in a State conducting a Royal Commission into Domestic Violence. The opposition of the AMA, former police commissioner Ken Lay and Australian of the Year Rosie Batty should speak volumes to the Victorian Government on this issue.”