For release: 13 May 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby has warned last night's budget is unfair to single income families with a stay-at-home parent.

Managing Director Lyle Shelton said the generous new childcare subsidies would be welcome by many families who simply cannot survive on one income.

However, he said families who were prepared to sacrifice income so one parent could stay at home and invest in their pre-school children were the big losers from the budget.

"It is disappointing that the Liberal Party has walked away from Howard era tax policy orientated at helping families have the choice to have a parent at home.

"The Abbott government's budget is unfair to single income families."

Mr Shelton hoped the Nationals and cross-bench Senators might be able redress the inequity when the budget measures come before them.

"Income splitting for single income families would go a long way rebalancing the inequalities already in the tax system made worse by last night's budget.

"Even dual income families accessing the new childcare subsidies would be under pressure. Any family that has to get everyone out the door early in the morning for two jobs and childcare is going to be under pressure.

"Our tax system and budget measures should deliver the choice of getting off this treadmill, not pushing them onto it," Mr Shelton said.