For release: September 9, 2010

The Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby strongly commended the minority of NSW Parliamentarians who supported the rights of orphans and children given up for adoption to a mother and father.

“Throughout history it seems propaganda has intermittently triumphed over what is right or logical”, said Jim Wallace.

“Today is such a moment, all the sadder for the issue at stake – the best interests of the most vulnerable orphaned or relinquished children.”

“This debate has been waged by the gay and lesbian activists with smart marketing strategy, the usual deception and complete disregard for anyone else’s rights” said Mr Wallace.

“The real issue here has never been, as claimed, about children in same sex families, but the right of wards of the state to expect Government to uphold the until now timeless principle, that adoption is about children, not adults. About finding mothers and fathers for children tragically denied them – not children for adults, heterosexual or homosexual.”

“The media must also accept a large part of the responsibility for this outcome. It has been totally uncritical of the gay agenda, and by that failed to expose the real issue at stake – one that would definitely not have public support outside inner city cafes,” said Jim Wallace.

“Adoption is about children.”

Mr Wallace hoped the MPs who only narrowly missed defeating this in the Lower House because of two absences, would maintain their resolve to see that the next debate on the obvious need to regulate surrogacy, would not be used to camouflage this aggressive gay agenda yet again.

“In QLD we now have surrogacy available to even a single man,” said Mr Wallace. “Clearly this should not happen; children are not pets to be had at a whim.”

“I sincerely hope that those who have shown the moral fibre so otherwise increasingly missing in the NSW Parliament at large, will continue to uphold the real best interests of the child, without being duped by this aggressive and selfish gay rights agenda.”

“It was hard to imagine the NSW Parliament sinking even lower in the average person’s esteem, demonstrating even more lack of moral authority, but this has surely done it,” he said.