Media Release: Wednesday, 7 June, 2006

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) indicated its disappointment at the initial statement of Mr Beazley, opposing the Governments intention to overturn the ACT’s civil union legislation.

"Mr Beazley is on the record as saying that he supports marriage and has reaffirmed that in his statement today,” said Mr Wallace, Managing Director of the ACL. "If that is the case, it is hoped the ALP Caucus realises that in jurisdictions where Civil Unions have been implemented they are immediately referred to as ‘marriage’ and used aggressively by the homosexual activists to pursue gay marriage."

“One sympathises with Mr Beazley’s desire to remove discrimination, however, a Civil Union system is a ‘sledgehammer’ way to do it,” said Mr Wallace. "People in Holland must be wondering about the sincerity of the activists who presented the same arguments to redefine the meaning of state endorsed relationships. These activists are now pursuing group marriage after achieving a ‘cohabitation contract’ for a man and two bisexual women. Unfortunately, once the gate is opened to creating new state endorsed relationships, the further perversion of marriage seems almost inevitable."

"ACL knows Mr Beazley to be a strong advocate of marriage. If that is the case then he should defend it and ensure that legal loopholes are not created to allow it to be attacked, as demonstrated in other countries. Hopefully the Caucus will give this issue fuller consideration when it meets next week to discuss its position and not risk loosing the Christian constituency it has worked hard to reengage since the last election" he said.

Contact: Jim Wallace