Monday, March 12, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby says the LNP's credentials on same-sex marriage are solid and Campbell Newman has always said he'll support the democratic decision of the party's grassroots.

"It is the party's position that it will repeal those elements of civil unions which mimic marriage without affecting substantive rights for same-sex couples,” said ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis.

“Of as much concern is that the gay lobby have used this incident to again close down debate with invective against anybody who stands for marriage and therefore necessarily is against same-sex marriage.

"Debate on an issue looking to effect substantial change to such a fundamental institution of society can't simply be closed down,” said Ms Francis.

“But the reality is that these activists are keen to do it because they know support for same-sex marriage is illusionary.”

"Even GetUp's constituency didn't rate same-sex marriage in the top ten issues of concern, so just how important is it to the rest of Australia?" said Ms Francis.

“And how natural is it when the imagery of two men being affectionate is immediately jumped on as objectionable by even the gay lobby, who clearly see it as eroding their support for marriage?”