ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said he looked forward to the new government continuing to engage with the Christian constituency.

“We were privileged to have Mr Andrews participate in our Make it Count leaders’ forum ahead of the election and numerous ALP candidates took part in local Meet Your Candidate Forums conducted by ACL across the state.”

The biggest issue for people of faith at the election was a Labor policy to restrict freedom of association by limiting the right of faith groups to employ staff who share their ethos.

“If implemented, this will be a blow to religious schools and other faith-based organisations,” Mr Flynn said.

“We call upon Labor to re-think this policy so that faith-based schools and organisations can continue to be free to maintain their ethos.

“A free society will tolerate diversity and freedom of association. There is no need for this basic human right to be restricted,” Mr Flynn said.

More than 4300 people emailed Mr Andrews and ALP candidates during the campaign expressing concern about Labor’s policy.

ACL held 16 local Meet Your Candidate Forums attended by a total of 1000 people across Victoria.

Mr Flynn expressed concern about the composition of the Upper House with the possible election of five Greens, a party with a non-mainstream social agenda.

The political front for the harmful pornography trade, the Australian Sex Party, may also obtain a seat in the Upper House.

“It will be more important than ever for people who support the values of human flourishing to speak up over the next four years. We can no longer stay silent,” Mr Flynn said.