Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed concern that Labor’s Kate Jones is unavailable to attend a forum for Ashgrove candidates this Sunday.

ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said it was disappointing that Ms Jones declined the offer after several date options were presented to her.

LNP Leader and candidate for Ashgrove Campbell Newman will join other candidates at the forum.

Ms Francis said ACL was running more than 20 Meet Your Candidate forums, mostly in marginal electorates.

“The Christian constituency is very concerned for the good governance of Queensland and wants to see a more compassionate, just and moral society,” she said.

“Meet Your Candidate Forums are an opportunity for candidates to make their pitch for the Christian vote and to respond to written questions from the audience.

“It is disappointing that Ms Jones could not make time for this important part of her constituency.

ACL was also disappointed that Premier Anna Bligh and her deputy Andrew Fraser declined an invitation to participate in a leaders Make it Count webcast which went ahead earlier this month with Mr Newman.

“I am concerned about the message Queensland Labor is sending to the Christian constituency,” she said.

“Labor’s Margaret Keech and Michael Choi, by exercising their consciences in crucial votes on the rights of children, have proven that the party can appeal to Christian voters.”