With Federal Parliament in recess this week, it has been a much quieter week on the media front.

Please see below for a wrap up of ACL’s coverage in the media since last Thursday.

  • ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace wrote for the Online Opinion website about Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s legitimate concerns about euthanasia law.

  • ACL receives some strong criticism for its positions on euthanasia and same sex marriage by Ben Pobjie in his opinion article for ABC’s The Drum. Click here to read it.

  • ACL is cited in an article at Christian Today Australia about the launch of the Brave Foundation, which supports women who experience unexpected and teenage pregnancy.

  • The latest ‘Politics in Focus’ television segment on the Adventist Media Network and other outlets sees Jim Wallace interviewed about the recent ‘Make It Count Victoria’ event with the Education Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, the Greens’ same sex marriage bill in the Senate, and new statistics from the UK showing that the homosexual population is much smaller than first thought. You can view ‘Politics in Focus’ on the front page of this website.

  • This week’s ‘Political Spot’ (broadcast on Canberra’s 1Way FM and some other Christian stations) features an interview with ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace about the recent opening of the 43rd Federal Parliament. There’s also an interview with palliative care lecturer Dr David van Gend, who speaks about the on-going threat of legalised euthanasia.

  • On Monday morning Jim Wallace was interviewed by Tracy Weare for Vision Radio Network’s 20-20 program.