It’s been another busy week in terms of media commentary for ACL, particularly on the topic of ISP filtering and also the ongoing media interest in the interaction between faith and politics.

Below is a summary of where ACL has received coverage in the media since last Thursday.

  • Last Friday night ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton appeared on the ABC’s Lateline program in support of protecting children on line through ISP-level filtering. Please click here to watch or to read the transcript. Lyle was also interviewed on this topic on ABC radio’s PM program last Friday. ACL has received further coverage on the issue of ISP filtering in the Canberra Times,  industry website ARNAustralia. To News  and in an opinion piece in The Drum Unleashed (ABC website).

  • ACL’s Victorian Director Rob Ward appeared on ABC television’s Stateline Victoria program last Friday night. He was defending religious freedom in the case of a homosexual youth group seeking damages from a Christian campsite which did not wish to rent its facilities to a group that promoted homosexuality to young people. Please click here to watch.

  • ACL is referred to in an opinion piece in today’s Canberra Times about faith and politics.

  • ACL’s previous comments about Prime Minister Julia Gillard saying she doesn’t believe in God were referred to in an article in Tuesday’s The Australian. Lyle Shelton was also quoted on this issue in the most recent edition of the Sunday Mail (SA).

  •  ACL’s comments about community attitudes being likely to turn against abortion if people were better informed about the horrific nature of the practice were reported in last Sunday’s Canberra Times (off-line).

  • ACL’s Make it Count event is covered in a front-page article in the July edition of The Advocate newspaper in WA. Click here to go to the paper.

  • A picture from ACL’s 2007 Make it Count event was used alongside an article on religion and politics in last Saturday’s The Australian.

  • Yesterday ACL WA Director Michelle Pearse was interviewed by Sonshine FM Christian News regarding a court case involving a woman who lost her unborn child after being hit by a car and her desire to see the baby recognised as a life.

  • ACL’s Save Our Scripture campaign is referred to in an opinion piece from the National Times which was posted on Tuesday.

  • The latest ‘Politics in Focus’ television segment on the Adventist Media Network and other outlets sees Lyle Shelton interviewed about a Senate inquiry looking at tax exemptions and the religious charitable sector, as well as Julia Gillard’s lack of religious belief and her stance on gay marriage. Please go to the front page of the ACL website to view ‘Politics in Focus’.

  • This week’s political spot (broadcast on Canberra’s 1Way FM and some other Christian stations) features interviews with anti-euthanasia campaigner Wesley Smith, Alan Baker of Cherish Life Qld on the push for abortion law changes in his state, and ACL Victorian Director Rob Ward on religious freedom.

  • On Monday morning Lyle Shelton was interviewed by Tracy Weare for her Vision Radio Network morning program.