ACL has received coverage in the media on a range of issues during the past week, including the Victorian election, the violent video games debate and the NSW ethics debate.

Please see below for a wrap up of ACL’s coverage in the media since last Thursday.

  • On Tuesday an opinion piece by ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace on the Victorian election result was published in The Australian. Click here to read it.

  • On Monday night ACL Victorian Director was quoted in an Australian Associated Press article regarding the Victorian election results and the need to move away from the far left of politics. Rob’s comments were also given coverage in The Australian Conservative.

  • Yesterday an opinion piece by ACL NSW Director David Hutt on the debate over ethics classes was posted on The Punch. Click here to read it.

  • ACL Chief of Staff is quoted in the Australian Associated Press and in today’s Daily Telegraph responding to a federal government review of research into the effects of violent video games. ACL has also received coverage on this issue in today’s Canberra Times, Computer World (today and yesterday),  the Kotaku website. Lyle Shelton was also interviewed on this issue today for the Triple J Hack program.

  • ACL’s opposition to gay marriage has been referred to in the Brisbane Times.

  • ACL has received coverage on the ethics issue in the Mosman Daily.

  • The latest ‘Politics in Focus’ television segment on the Adventist Media Network and other outlets sees Lyle Shelton interviewed by David Gibbons about the defeat of the South Australian euthanasia bill and the NSW Government’s decision to roll out ethics classes in NSW primary schools. You can view ‘Politics in Focus’ on the front page of this website.

  • This week’s ‘Political Spot’ presented by Glynis Quinlan (broadcast on Canberra’s 1Way FM and some other Christian stations) features an interview with ACL Victorian Director Rob Ward about the results of the Victorian election and the wider implications. There’s also a special interview with former CEO of Compassion Australia, Paul O’Rourke, about his new book entitled ‘Why Satan hates our kids – How children are suffering and why the Church should care’. Please click here to download the November 30 edition of the ‘Political Spot’.

  • On Monday morning Jim Wallace was interviewed by Tracy Weare for Vision Radio Network’s 20-20 program.