Media coverage of ACL this week (since last Thursday) was again dominated by the issue of introducing an R18+ classification for video games in Australia.

ACL was mentioned by the following media sources on the R18+ issue:

Other media coverage of ACL this week includes:

  • ACL was mentioned in a Christianity Today article about the National School Chaplaincy Program.

  • Christian Today Australia has an article today outlining ACL's response to a plan to repeal incest laws in Switzerland and what this means for advocacy of same sex marriage.

  • Vision Radio Network news online cite ACL’s concerns over moves to legalise surrogacy in Tasmania.

  • The latest ‘Politics in Focus’ television segment on the Adventist Media Network and other outlets sees Lyle Shelton interviewed by David Gibbons about the proposed R18+ classification for video games and draft surrogacy laws in Tasmania. You can view ‘Politics in Focus’ on the front page of this website.

  • This week’s ‘Political Spot’ presented by Lyle Shelton (broadcast on Canberra’s 1Way FM and some other Christian stations) features an extended interview with Jim Wallace about the recent meeting of Attorneys-General to defer a decision on the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games. Please click here to download the December 14 edition of the ‘Political Spot’.

  • On Monday morning Jim Wallace was interviewed by Tracy Weare for Vision Radio Network’s 20-20 program.