The Federal election campaign and ISP filtering have been the main topics which journalists have sought comment from the ACL on during the past week.

Please see below for a wrap up of ACL’s coverage in the media since last Thursday.

  • ACL is referred to in an article on using social media, such as Facebook, during the election campaign posted on the SBS television website yesterday.

  • ACL is quoted in an article on internet filtering in Tuesday’s The Australian.

  • ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton is quoted in an article in the Sunday Age/SMH about Julia Gillard’s lack of religious beliefs and what that may mean in terms of the election.

  • Last Sunday night ACL NSW Director David Hutt was interviewed by Sheridan Voysey from Open House (broadcast on most major Christian radio stations nationwide) about the upcoming Federal election. He was also interviewed by Hope 103.2’s morning presenter last Friday on ISP filtering.

  • ACL’s support for internet filtering is referred to in an article on ABC online posted yesterday.

  • On Tuesday ACL Victorian Director Rob Ward was interviewed on Melbourne’s Light FM breakfast program on the election campaign.

  • On Tuesday morning ACL WA Director Michelle Pearse was interviewed by Tracy Weare for Vision radio’s 20-20 program about the Federal election and the main issues in her State.

  • Last Friday Lyle Shelton was interviewed by Sonshine FM about ACL’s welcoming of a youth violence inquiry’s call for a review of classification categories.

  • The latest ‘Politics in Focus’ television segment on the Adventist Media Network and other outlets sees Lyle Shelton interviewed by David Gibbons about the delay in ISP filtering going ahead and a report into youth violence released by a parliamentary committee. You can view ‘Politics in Focus’ on the front page of this website.

  • This week’s political spot (broadcast on Canberra’s 1Way FM and some other Christian stations) features an interview with Australian Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace about the upcoming Federal election and what it means from a Christian viewpoint. There's also an interview with pastor and columnist Ruth Limkin about the Federal Government's moves to encourage healthy body images.

  • On Monday morning Lyle Shelton was interviewed by Tracy Weare for Vision Radio Network’s 20-20 program which runs from noon-1 pm.