The federal election and ACL’s concerns over the NSW same-sex adoption bill were the main issues ACL received media coverage for this week.

Please see below for a wrap up of ACL’s coverage in the media since last Thursday.

  • ACL is referred to as one of the “bulwarks of Christian orthodoxy” in an opinion piece by Angela Shanahan entitled ‘Worship not at the ethics altar of Greens extremists’ in last Saturday’s The Australian. Click here to read it.

  • The Greens decision not to answer most of the election questions put to them by the ACL is given coverage in an opinion piece by Tim Wallace posted on the Online Opinion website last Friday, where he says this “indicates coyness verging on contempt”. Click here to read it.

  • This morning ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace, in his role as former head of the SAS, was interviewed on Channel Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ program regarding Australia’s role in the Afghanistan conflict and the death of a 28-year old Australian soldier. Click here to watch the video.

  • ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton is quoted in a front page article in the August edition of The Advocate Christian newspaper in WA regarding ACL’s opposition to the creation of a new domain name for pornography on the internet and the ACL’s support for the decision by three ISPs to voluntarily block child pornography. Lyle is also quoted in a separate article urging the Government to take action on the recommendations of the recent Productivity Commission Report into Gambling. Click here to read the newspaper online.

  • Jim Wallace’s post-election blog comment has received coverage on the new My Christian Daily news website.

  • ACL’s concerns about the NSW same-sex adoption bill have been given coverage by the Same Same website, the SX website,  and the ‘Pink’ News Service in Europe.

  • ACL was referred to on the Sunday Night Safran program on Triple J on Sunday night during an interview with Fiona Patten from the Sex Party.

  • This week’s political spot (broadcast on Canberra’s 1Way FM and some other Christian stations) features an interview with Australian Christian Lobby research officer Ben Williams and focuses on the outcome of the recent federal election – what does it all mean and where to from here in terms of Christian engagement in politics?

  • On Monday morning Jim Wallace was interviewed by Tracy Weare about the federal election outcome for Vision Radio Network’s 20-20 program.