ACL in the Media – A wrap up of the last week’s commentary

ACL’s appearance at the ACT’s prostitution inquiry was the main issue that attracted media attention in the last week. The ACL also commented on the asylum seeker Malaysian deal and Federal budget.

ACT Director Nick Jensen and ACL’s women’s issues spokeswoman interviewed by ACT Win Television and ABC TV on Prostitution Inquiry on May 11, 2011

ACT Director Nick Jensen interviewed by ABC Radio ACT on Prostitution Inquiry “Buying sex should be a crime” May 11, 2011

ACL mentioned in Christian Today on budget funding for chaplaincy “SUQLD welcomes $222 million boost to school chaplaincy” May 11, 2011

ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton interviewed on Sonshine FM Perth on the school chaplaincy funding announcement in the budget May 11, 2011

ACL media release on budget aid boost and charities tax published in Christian Today “ACL: budget aid boost welcome, charities’ tax a worry” May 11, 2011

ACL’s Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton had an opinion piece published on Online Opinion “’Malaysian solution’ shows compassion to forgotten refugees” May 11, 2011

ACL’s Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton interviewed on ACL program, the Political Spot on asylum seeker deal and ACL’s Michelle Pearse interviewed about prostitution inquiry May 10, 2011 which is broadcast to five radio stations across Australia

ACL MD Jim Wallace had an opinion piece published in Eternity Newspaper's May edition in response to the question "Should Christians campaign to make the rest of society follow our beliefs? Shoul we actively campaign against gay marriage, for example? Should we put time, effort and money into the fight?"

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace spoke to UCB News on May 9, 2011 on the death of Osama Bin Laden, the Federal Budget and some concerns for charities, Asylum seekers, Territories law, as parliament sits, the push to give territories more powers. Same sex marriage and Euthanasia.

ACL’s media release on gambling reform report published in Christian Today “ACL urges Government to implement Gambling Reform Committee’s recommendations” May 6, 2011

ACL’s media release on sexualisation of children published in Christian Today “ACL welcomes bi-partisan recognition of the problem of sexualisation of children” May 6, 2011

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace spoke to PoliticsInFocus about same-sex marriage, classification of billboards and US Commission on International Religious Freedoms decision to add Egpyt to watch list on May 6, 2011